The award of the GCC Patent Office to promote Innovation and Invention

Name of award: The award o the GCC Patent Office to promote innovation and invention
Rationales: Contributing in the promotion of innovation and invention in line with the text in article (20) of the economical agreement between the GCC States " States shall establish programs to encourage talented and promote innovation and invention.
Occasions of the award: Inventions exhibitions organized by the member states nationally and regionally.
Funding the award: the budget of the GCC Patent Office.

Conditions and mechanism of granting the award

1- To be presented under the sponsorship of the GCC Secretary General or any of his deputies with a congratulatory souvenir of winning the award during the final ceremony of the exhibition.
2- Invitations shall be sent to inventors from the GCC States to present their inventions at the exhibition.
3- The organization level has to be at lease national
4- The GCC Secretariat-General decides the participation at exhibitions based on the invitation from the organizing authority to participate in the exhibition, that includes the main information about the exhibition, and this is after coordination with the board-member whose country the exhibition will take place in.
5- The award is granted once a year in exhibitions and conferences related to inventions, organized by a member State in its lands with the consideration of the participation priority of granting the award at the next exhibitions in member States that the award have not previously been granted in.
6- Granting the award is limited on inventors of the GCC citizens.
7- The organizing authority shall obligate to the necessary judgment for the eligibility of receiving the award.
8- The organizing authority shall provide the Secretariat-General with a report on the workflow of the judgment committee including the names of its members as well as the winners.
9- The organizing authority contributes in providing media coverage.
10- The award designates a financial amount of money, estimated at approximately %25 of the main award that is not less than 50.000 SAR and not exceeding 100.000, apportioned among winners in the first three places.
11- The Secretariat-General can block the award totally or partially based on justifications from the judgment committee incase of weakness of presented works.

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