12 GCC Inventors represent the Gulf Cooperation Council in the 12th International Exhibition of Inventions in Kuwait

GCC- Kuwait

The Gulf Cooperation Council represented by the GCC Patent Office, participated in the Middle East 12th International Exhibition of Inventions, organized by the Kuwait Scientific Club during the period from 16-19 February 2020.

The GCC invited two inventors from each of the GCC States to participate in the exhibition, in order to motivate them to invent more and to provide them with an opportunity to meet investors and specialists to develop and commercialize their inventions.

In addition, the GCCOP is giving an Award to support innovation and invention, for the best three GCC inventors of citizens in the amount of 50,000 SR divided into three, the first prize is 25,000 SR, the second prize is 15,000 SR, the third prize is 10,000 SR.
The GCCPO announced the the inventors nominated to participate with their inventions, after studying a wide range of inventions that have been submitted and they are; inventor Hamad Musabeh Al Tunaiji on his invention "A photovoltaic module dynamic barrier to light" And inventor Mubarak Abdullah Al-Buainain, on his invention “the Irrigation Water Provider” from the United Arab Emirates. From the Kingdom of Bahrain, the inventor, Halal Youssef Khalid, on her invention "replacing the coral reefs" and the inventor, Mutaie Hussein Ali, on his invention "the Aluminum 4-in-1 sector", and from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the inventor Heba Abdullatif Kurdi on her invention "a system for controlling the self-distribution of tasks in the fleets of drones", and the inventor Mutlaq Sanhaat Al-Otaibi on his invention "an electric car with a self-charging system", from the Sultanate of Oman, the inventor Omar Abdullah Al-Maskari on his invention "smart glove", and the inventor Emad Abdullah Al-Obaidon on his invention "treatment of water waste using the electrochemical method", from the State of Qatar, inventor Khaled Ali Al-Ansari, on his invention " Adapter hook for axial vehicles to spherical trailers", and inventor Souad Muhammad Al-Abdullah, on her invention " the safe vehicle" and from the State of Kuwait, inventor Nabil Youssef Al-Kandari, on his invention “the cathodic protection system for the iron bases in ports”, and the inventor Maryam Hassan Mohamed, on her invention “"Use of Emanon Ester", as an antitussive and bronchial bronchodilator.

This participation comes within the framework of implementing joint cooperation programs between the GCC Patent Office and the national patent offices in the GCC States, and aims to contribute to supporting innovation and invention among their states, and promoting awareness of the importance of innovation and preserving intellectual property rights for sustainable, knowledge-based economic growth.

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