How to file a patent application

An explanation on how to formulate a patent application, registration steps of the application at the office's website, and how to pay the fees and bank account number required from the patent applicant, generally:

1: Signing up on the office website (username/password + filling out the fields concerning personal information and general information about the invention) in their

(instructions on filing a patent application electronically ), (for download)..

And in this context we would like to recommend the applicant using "Internet Explorer" web browser - version 6 or later versions. In addition to writing down in clear handwriting the serial number of the application to be submitted– on the first page of the application form - (before exiting the web page) – applicant can browse the serial number on the screen using the search button in the column on the right side of the screen and here below is the link for registering individual inventors or companies and agents at the office website.

2: Formulating the idea of the invention (description of the invention) in the systematic order of drafting a patent application typed into "Microsoft Word" (not handwritten), and then attaching hard and soft copies of it. *attached file includes typical patent document - as an example of patent description.

After that, collecting what is printed out from the website + what has been drafted for the specification of the invention + transferring the filing fees of (2000. SR for individuals or 4000.SR for companies) to the bank account of the office at the Arab National Bank

Account # 01008070444300, if you had an account at the same bank for depositing the required fees at any of its branches

Or the IBAN # SA3930400108007044430016, if remittance/transfer outside of the Arab National Bank + copy of identification as national ID card or passport or passport, iqama (residence permit) or family register .

Finally, submitting the paper documents mentioned above (including the payment receipt of the required fees) to the receptionist at the Patent Office (Riyadh), either by personal attendance or by registered mail - please see article 6 of (the patent regulation) (attached) for non GCC-residents. And then the receptionist will retrieve information of the new application based on the printed data, and register a date for the patent application which then is given a serial number upon arrival of its paper documents

For further inquiries about the procedure of submitting/filing patent applications, you can directly contact any of the filing and granting section staff indicated below :

Email Phone Job Title Name +96611-2551497 Director of Filing and Granting Department Eng. Mousaab Alfadhala +96611-2551405 Head of Filing and Formal Audit Section Norah Alajmi +96611-2551409 Head of Customers Service Section Mashael Alqabani +96611-2551442 Customer Service Specialist Abdulrahman Alhumaidi +96611-2551516 Customer Service Specialist Ghada Alotaibi

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