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[11] Patent No.:GC0011339  
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Number of the Decision to Grant the Patent:2020/169091
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[21] Application No.:GC 2012-21320

[22] Filing Date:20/5/2012

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[72] Inventor: Omer Refa KOSEOGLU

[73] Owner: SAUDI ARABIAN OIL COMPANY, 1 Eastern Avenue, 31311, Dhahran , Saudi Arabia

[74] Agent: Suleiman I. Al-Ammar Law Office




Int. Cl.: C10B55/00; C10B57/04; C10B57/06; C10G9/00 (2006.01)

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Examiner: Eng. Abdulaziz S. AlMotek

[57] Abstract: An improved delayed coking process utilizing a coking unit and a coking unit product fractionating column which includes the steps of: introducing the heated mixed whole crude oil and bottoms feedstream directly into the delayed coking unit; recovering a light product gas stream that includes H2S, NH3 and C1 to C4 hydrocarbons from the flash unit; recovering as separate side streams from the fractionating column naphtha, light gas oil and heavy gas oil; recycling a portion of the heavy gas oil by introducing it into the fractionating column optionally with the bottoms from the flash unit; mixing the fractionating column bottoms with the whole crude oil feedstream to form the mixed feedstream; and introducing the mixed whole crude oil and fractionating column bottoms feedstream into the furnace.
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