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Examiner: Ali Ahmed Almulla

[57] Abstract: A process for paraffin alkylation of isoalkanes with isoolefins in which an olefin component comprising oligomerized propylene, oligomerized isoolefin, or mixtures thereof is fed to a paraffin alkylation unit wherein the dissociated olefin components forming the oligomers react with isoalkanes to produce a reaction mixture containing an alkylate and unreacted isoalkanes. The reaction mixture is fractionally distilled to recover unreacted isoalkanes as overheads and alkylate as bottoms. The stoichiometry of isoolefins to isoalkanes in the alkylation unit is maintained by adjustment of the feed to the oligomerization, for example, by adding fresh isoalkanes to the recovered, unreacted isoalkanes from the alkylation unit being recycled to the oligomerization. Alternatively, a portion of the recovered unreacted isoalkanes is dehydrogenated to an isoolefin which is added to the oligomerization.
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