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[72] Inventors:1- PANNIER, Gaelle،2- CHAI, Choon Kooi

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Examiner: Yahiya Naser Al-BuSafi

[57] Abstract: Novel copolymers of ethylene and α -olefins are provided having (a) a density in the range 0.900 – 0.940 g/cm3,(b) a melt index MI2 (2.16 kg, 190°C) in the range 0.01 – 50 g/10 min,(c) a molecular weight distribution (Mw/Mn, by conventional GPC) in the range 2.0 – 4.5,(d) a comonomer partition factor, Cpf> 1, and(e) a melt index MI2 (2.16 kg, 190°C) normalised Dow Rheology Index (DRI), [DRI/MI2] in the range 3 – 20.The novel copolymers may suitably be prepared by use of catalyst systems comprising activating supports. The copolymers are suitably prepared in the gas phase preferably in a single reactor. The copolymers exhibit unique properties in particular with respect to their rheology.
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